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Token & The Arts

Tangent Protocol introduces an ingenious fusion of token staking and NFT staking, igniting a dynamic interplay that fuels creativity and financial growth. This pioneering approach of dynamic staking is a niche method on Cardano. Through this innovative union, Tangent Protocol unveils a landscape where financial incentives and artistic ingenuity harmonise, forging an ecosystem of endless possibilities.


The Governance Catalyst

Presenting TANG, the native token residing on the Cardano network, poised to drive governance within Tangent Protocol. TANG takes center stage in orchestrating on-chain governance mechanisms. It plays a pivotal role in incentivizing artists, shaping referenda, facilitating voting, fueling unique art creations and steering the course of the TangentDAO. In a parallel reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty's historical significance (618 to 906 A.D.), TANG is set to usher in a new era of art and financial innovation on the Cardano blockchain.

Evolving Financial Landscape

Decentralized Finance App

Enter the realm of Tangent's Decentralized Finance dApp, where virtual asset monetization becomes reality. Our innovative approach allows users to monetize their virtual assets and unlock new avenues of financial services. This is achieved through the creation of novel asset classes, introducing yield-generating NFTs backed by both in-game and real-world assets. This integration of digital and tangible worlds for financial empowerment marks a significant leap towards a transformative future.

NFT Launchpad

Fostering Creativity

NFT Launchpad emerges as a dynamic platform for creators, artists, and organizations to launch innovative NFT projects within the Cardano Network. This vibrant platform offers robust support for marketing and launching pioneering NFT initiatives. By nurturing innovation and fostering creative exploration, NFT Launchpad plays a pivotal role in propelling the growth of the NFT ecosystem on Cardano.



Tooling the Cardano Ecosystem

In the domain of DeFi-as-a-Service, other projects and developer teams are granted the autonomy to craft their distinctive NFT Farming pools. This customizable framework empowers decisions on essential features, including NFT whitelisting, accepted liquidity pool tokens, preferred token rewards (be it ADA, native tokens, or NFTs), farming timeframe, and associated fees. This adaptable structure fosters a landscape of diverse possibilities, nurturing the growth of innovative NFT ecosystems.

Embracing Open Source Principles

Growing Together

Driven by an unwavering commitment to open source principles, the Tangent Protocol team recognizes the foundational role of an open development model in fostering stability, security and cutting-edge technological advancements. In alignment with this ethos, we commit to a regular release of its code on Github, inviting community-driven review. This inclusive approach extends an invitation to contributors to validate and verify our code, cultivating a culture of shared trust and collaborative progress.

Tanglobe Gaming

Exploring Virtual Frontiers

Tangent Protocol envisions the creation of Tanglobe game, offering a platform for users to acquire virtual land within the expansive Tanglobe. This immersive 3D digital environment bridges digital existence with real-world experiences, offering limitless opportunities for constructing and shaping landscapes with personal digital art and possessions. Participants, known as Tanglobetrotters, can engage in on-chain game battles to seize land, introducing a fresh dimension to play-to-earn initiatives.

Innovative Fusion

Redefining Art, Finance and Gaming

Tangent's pioneering concept merges art and finance on the Cardano blockchain, leveraging the potential of cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies to challenge traditional norms in the art, finance and gaming domains. This innovative fusion introduces a paradigm shift that redefines industries and envisions their trajectories.

Rapidly Growing Community

Tangent has a flourishing community of enterprise partners, ambassadors and over ten thousand community members engaged in a variety of global social channels. We’d love to have you onboard. Join our Discord Server & Telegram Announcement Channel to interact with our community and to keep up to date with news and events.


TANG Holders






Rewards Distributed

Meet the Team

Clint Alexander

Chief Technology Officer

Ben Gordon

Creative Director

Fanny Poon

Owner & Chief Executive

Benjamin Grabow

Software Engineer

Jamie P

Senior Blockchain Full-stack Developer

Sydney Bright

Plutus Pioneer / Cardano Coder

Roman Gor

UI / UX Developer

Shahabaj Dange

Front-end Developer


Artistic Director



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