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Stake Artwork

Tangent brings scalability to the emerging Art & Finance scene on the Cardano blockchain, by opening the usability of digital artwork to the mass market. Private smart contracts will allow for the tokenization of data, thus unlocking the ability for users to stake their Operative Artwork (NFTs with financial utility) and earn rewards in an innovative process known as NFT Farming.


TANG is a native token on the Cardano network. It is the governance token for Tangent Protocol. TANG will be a facilitator for on-chain governance mechanisms such as incentivizing artists, proposing referenda, voting, the powering of unique art creations, as well as the development and direction of the TangentDAO. TANG will usher in a golden age for art and financial innovation on the Cardano blockchain, similar to the Tang Dynasty of China in 618 to 906 A.D.

New Asset Class

Tangent’s Decentralized Finance dapp will allow users to monetize their virtual assets and access new financial services through the creation of new asset classes of yield generating NFTs backed by in-game and real world assets.

NFT Launchpad

A platform for creators, artists and organizations that supports the marketing and launch of innovative NFT projects on the Cardano Network.



Other projects & developer teams will be able to create their own NFT Farming pools and decide upon certain features such as: which NFTs to be whitelisted, which liquidity pool tokens are to be accepted, in which token rewards shall be paid (such as in ADA or another native token or NFTs), the timeframe of the farm and the farming fees.

Tanglobe Gaming

Tangent plans to provide a platform for users to purchase virtual land, across the Tanglobe, a 3-D virtual environment that will merge digital life with real world experiences, whilst creating endless new playgrounds to build and landscape with personal digital art and other possessions. Tanglobetrotters will have the ability to take part in land grabs through on-chain game battles, bringing a new dimension to play-to earn initiatives.

Open Source

The Tangent team has a commitment to open source principals and believes that using an open development model creates more stable, secure, and innovative technological advancements. Therefore, Tangent promises to periodically publish all our code on Github for peer-to-peer review by the community. We welcome contributors to validate our code.

Groundbreaking Design

Tangent’s innovative concept of merging art and finance on the Cardano chain utilizes cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies to disrupt the traditional art, finance and gaming industries.

Rapidly Growing Community

Tangent has a flourishing community of enterprise partners, ambassadors and over two thousand community members engaged in a variety of global social channels. We’d love to have you onboard. Join our Discord Server & Telegram Announcement Channel to interact with our community and to keep up to date with news and events.

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